Sunday, 23 November 2014

Top 10 Alternate Earning Methods other than Google AdSense

Google is the biggest search engine available till date in the market and thousands of people are using it for getting handsome amount of regular use with daily devoted time. There are many channels used for earing with Google AdSense but now a day Google has made its policy different and difficult than before so writers and bloggers who were eager to earn money online with Google AdSense are looking alternate methods to earn money without Google AdSense. Some of the most important and highly in demand methods of earning money online are working with Chitika, Infolinks, Juicy Ads etc. These are the earning campaigns same like Google AdSense.

With the increasing rate of Google AdSense accounts blocking by the Google, many publishers and bloggers are switching to others alternates. In this regard different working patterns are introduced in the market. Some earning methods are for advertisements configured with Clicking methods and others are for page impressions where no clicks are used but high traffic rate is mandatory to earn sufficient amount. Some of the interesting and easy to use methods for online earning apart from Google AdSense are as under:

2.    Earn money with Youtube
3.    Earn Money with Facebook
4.    Earn Money with Writing Paid Reviews
5.    Earn with Clicksor
6.    Earn online with Bidvertiser
7.    Make Money by Using In Text Ads
8.    Earn with BuySellAds (BSA)
9.    Earn with Amazon Associates
10. Try using Adversal

These are the Top Ten methods that are used by most of the users whose adsense account has been blocked but with continuous efforts, dedications and regular online time sharing people are earning handsome income regularly. 

If you can spend at least two to three hours daily on your computer, you can earn much by using any one of the above online earning program. Simply you have to make a website or blog and make it popular enough with organic traffic. 

If you do not own a domain, donot worry and get one according to your knowledge and interest and make a unique page with simple yet attractive look. Minor spending on website will be an asset for you and if you make it popular website then you have plenty of online earning options for you.

People who have not purchased their domain for website or blog, there are other options of using and making a website totally free of cost like blogspot. Blogger is also a biggest network that gives an option to a user to make their website or blog free of cost and are easily configured with monetizing channels. Think ahead and make a website according to the topic where you have interest and high knowledge and write regularly some unique and informative content for the use of the audience to notice a difference.   

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